MAR. 19 - 21

Taipei International Convention Center
Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1, 2F

Exhibition Information


Explore a theme-oriented cyber security expo with a large-scale and diverse demonstration


March 19 to 21, 2019


Taipei International Convention Center (TICC)
Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1, 2F

Themes and Sectors


Flagship Pavilion: TICC 1F
Exhibition Hall: TICC 1F
Exhibition Gallery: TICC 1F & 2F
Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1, 2F

Cyber Taiwan Pavilion


Free Attendance

The largest cyber security exhibition in Taiwan, featuring more than 180 exhibitors


Gathering more than 180 cyber security exhibitors, presenting the latest solution for cyber security

The All-New "Flagship Pavilion"

The flagship pavilion is located on the first floor of Taipei International Convention Center. The exhibitors from Taiwan and abroad may present their products and provide their service with a spacious booth design.

Flagship Pavilion Brands

Brand-New Plans for the "Exhibition Hall" and "Exhibition Gallery"

Across the first and second floors of Taipei International Convention Center and the second floor of the World Trade Center, more than 180 well-known international and local brands will showcase the latest, most popular products and services for cyber security nowadays. Learn about all the most cutting-edge measures and tools.

Exclusive "Taiwan Cyber Security Landscape" Themed Guide -- Explore the exhibition more efficiently by using the map

After arriving at the venue, please be sure to request the "Taiwan Cyber Security Landscape: CYBERSEC 2019 Edition" exclusively designed for this exhibition. Use the directory to plan your visit and find the cyber security products you desire efficiently.

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Fidelis Elevate™

Automate Detection.
Automate Response.
Prevent Data Theft.

One unified platform ensures faster detection and automated response – providing accuracy, clarity and certainty for your cyber security team.

Elevate Security Operations
Even with many prevention tools in place, organizations are still getting breached. That's why more organizations are shifting from a prevention-focused approach to a detection and response strategy.
Fidelis Elevate is the only security operations platform that provides deep visibility, threat intelligence and context across complex environments to automate detection and response.

A Force Multiplier for Your Security Operations
Fidelis Elevate™ integrates network visibility, data loss prevention, deception, and endpoint detection and response into one unified solution. Now your security team can focus on the most urgent threats and protect sensitive data rather than spending time validating and triaging thousands of alerts.

Enhance Your Visibility and Detection Capabilities

  1. Inspect all ports and protocols
  2. See north-south traffic, lateral movement and data exfiltration
  3. Enrich alerts with data and context from Fidelis Network®, Fidelis Endpoint®, and Fidelis Deception™– all in a unified platform
  4. Combine threat intelligence, sandboxing, machine learning, deception, and Fidelis research
  5. Capture and store metadata for analysis and threat hunting

Automate Response for Quick and Effective Resolution

  1. Draw conclusions with accuracy by automatically collapsing many alerts and events into a single view
  2. Automatically validate network alerts on the endpoint with certainty
  3. Raise the priority level when evidence is found of increased risk
  4. Automatically execute a response playbook to jumpstart your investigation with clarity
  5. Stop data leakage, command and control, and active attacks


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Next-gen network visibility platform: GRISM & Enlighten

Cybersecurity spending in the public and private sectors continues to grow, but it is still unresolved in the face of a huge amount of data, highly sophisticated networks and diversified attacks. 
GRISM, the next-generation network visibility platform, can tackle the challenges mentioned above by forming the analysis-assisted monitoring fabric for accurately directing the production network traffic to varied security devices achieving more efficient inspection. GRISM also can extract network metadata that assist behavior tracking, such as DDoS or lateral movement detection, and block massive malicious list of IPs/Domains/URLs according to threat intelligence. That is, GRISM provides not only pervasive and adaptive network visibility but also front-line security.

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Enterprise Threat Protector (ETP)

Enterprise Threat Protector (ETP) enables security teams to proactively identify, block, and defend against targeted threats using Domain Name System (DNS) such as malware, ransomware, phishing, and data breaches. Enterprise Threat Protector leverages the real-time intelligence provided by Akamai Cloud Security Intelligence and Akamai's proven, recursive DNS platform around the world to deliver security, control and visibility to your business while easily integrating with your existing network defenses.

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Alteon is Radware’s next-generation application delivery controller (ADC) and the only load balancer that guarantees application SLA. It provides advanced, end-to-end local and global load balancing capabilities for all Web, cloud and mobile-based applications.
Alteon load balancer combines best-of-breed application delivery capabilities, market-leading SSL performance that supports all of the latest encryption protocols, and advanced services to companies with ongoing application lifecycle management challenges that impact the performance of web applications (such as heavier, more complex web content); mobility, and the migration to the cloud.

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Intention Prediction as a Service, IPaaS

Core Cloud IPaaS combines full spectrum threat detection, predictive analytics and automated mitigation to eliminate advanced threats.

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Released originally in September 2005, ALog ConVerter is an agentless (non-resident program) access log management tool. ALog ConVerter takes a server event log and looks for file access, domain logins, and other activity, providing all-in-one proprietary analysis and file compression for long-term storage. 

ALog EVA is the latest product in the ALog ConVerter series, the No.1 seller in the server access market for 11 consecutive years. ALog EVA takes ALog Convertor to a new level by making it possible to detect irregular or illegal activities through a wider range of big data by various network devices and application logs via advanced correlations techniques.

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TrustView Full-Scale Data Protection Solution

We adopt the exclusive patented technology of DRM/Area DLP/CASB to provide a full-scale data protection solution for endpoint, file server, web application and cloud environment. This helps directly protect a variety of important files, pictures, web content and source coded. The most brilliant part of the TrustView solution is the three-tier file protection design. The company can introduce a solution on its own to meet its special requirements and create most suitable data security for the operation.

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Because of terrorism, we want to challenge the world with the new value of transmitted network data.

Our strengths are monitoring and security. You should be able to fight anywhere in these two areas.

Momentum it is worth the network data that can be conveyed.

The current mechanism of collecting and analyzing network data , whether for security purposes, for fault analysis purposes, or for marketing purposes, is too complicated and expensive.

We realize a mechanism to extract and analyze the necessary information more simply and in real time as needed when necessary . 

Functions required for analysis provide an environment that can be freely used as open source applications (momentum Apps).

We are worthy of network data that can be conveyed because we are network & security territory. 

Continue to provide new values of our network data all over the world.

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