The global landscape has experienced significant instability in the wake of the pandemic, marked by a rise in geopolitical conflicts. The unrelenting speed of global digitalization has not diminished the persistent threat to cybersecurity, with increasingly new malicious and sophisticated attack methods threatening every aspect of life.

Ransomware, fake news and scams, software vulnerabilities, and mounting attacks on critical infrastructure such as hospitals and energy facilities—the threats are real and more imminent than ever. The advent of new technologies such as the IoT, autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, and space satellites has only added to the concern, as each presents fresh security risks. Cybersecurity is now considered synonymous with industrial security, food safety, transportation safety, national security, and most importantly, the safety of life and property for all.

To avoid a never-ending battle against the threat of cybersecurity, we must prioritize the integration of cybersecurity into every aspect of our lives and organizations as soon as possible. Only by embedding security measures into the very DNA of organizations and lifestyles can we ensure a safer future.

The theme of CYBERSEC 2023 is "Bring Security to". Aiming to put cybersecurity front and center, this year's event puts together more than 200 professional cybersecurity sessions and features over 300 leading cybersecurity brands. CYBERSEC 2023 calls on all industry players to join in the conversation and take an active role in integrating cybersecurity into every facet of their operations and daily tasks. Don't miss out as we work together to forge a brighter and safer digital future with limitless possibilities.


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