MAR. 19 – 21

Taipei International Convention Center, 3F

Taiwan Cybersecurity | Global Standing

Building the Taiwan Cybersecurity Brand; Standing On the Global Stage of Cybersecurity

Taiwan has world-class talents and technology in cybersecurity. Additionally, Taiwan is a democratic country with honesty and integrity. In light of the world's increasingly fragile security, products and services are no longer valued only for their functional and technical aspects - more emphasis is being placed on their security and trustworthiness. As the world’s awareness of cybersecurity issues increases, companies are afraid to adopt products manufactured in countries with ulterior motives, even when they are high in function and low in price. The focus of cyber security has already returned to the essence of trustworthiness; this is also the original intention of the development of the cyber security industry in Taiwan.

In 2018, the first Cyber Taiwan Pavilion attracted over 1500 visitors in just one and a half days. The government also attached great importance to the Pavilion and offered its support. In 2019, Cyber Taiwan Pavilion will return to the core of industrial development, focusing on safe and secure Taiwan products. The expo will feature a special exhibition on Taiwan R&D, an in-depth guide on Taiwan cyber security industry technology highlights, and the three major thematic forums of Cyber Taiwan Pavilion among other events. Cyber Taiwan Pavilion will also integrate the technical capabilities and high-quality product resources of domestic cyber security brands, which will help you get a better understanding of safe and secure Taiwan cyber security brands.


Cyber Taiwan Pavilion TOUR

A guided tour through Taiwan’s success of Cybersecurity technology.

We hold various guided tours with forums and product demonstration on a regular basis to provide you an extraordinary experience at Cyber Taiwan Pavilion.

Guided tour (Estimated duration: 20 minutes)



Please register at the information counter on 3rd floor on site. Please select the session that you’re interested in and attend the tour based on scheduled time.

Earn yourself a prize

Participants will receive a Cyber Taiwan Pavilion’s limited edition multi-functional pen. (One per participant, limited quantity.)

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Three Forums in Cyber Taiwan Pavilion




Forum on Cybersecurity Industry Standards

In recent years, the government has aggressively promoted the policy of "Cyber Security is National Security". In addition to establishing a National Security Operations Center (N-SOC), establishing a cross-regional SAS defense mechanism, implementing a safety management law on capital and communications, and enhancing the critical information infrastructure, the government has established Internet of Things equipment to test the safety of the environment and enhance the standards for safety testing and certification. Top experts have been invited to enhance the international competitiveness of Taiwan's SAS brand, from government policies and industrial practices to individual case studies.




Cybersecurity Innovation Exchange Forum

With the popularization of Internet of Things and blockchain technology, alongside the increasing focus on applying machine learning and AI technology, new cyber security solutions are emerging, and Taiwan’s cybersecurity innovations are booming. This forum will approach the topic of cybersecurity from different aspects, inviting many representatives from Taiwanese cybersecurity enterprises to discuss the problems that they faced in the process of starting a business with regard to different types of products and services, as well as how to create a product, how to secure funds, and other topics. Through face-to-face sharing and exchange, the pain points and opportunities faced by startup teams can be more deeply explored. From this, Taiwan’s advantages can be identified, and Taiwan’s cyber security startup ecosystem can plot their next steps dynamically.




Taiwan Cybersecurity International Marketing Forum

This forum focuses on helping develop overseas business opportunities for Taiwan's high-quality cyber security brands, sharing information on how to make the best use of government resources and enhance brand energy. There will be an on-site introduction to the "SecPaas (Security Platform as a Service)" established under the guidance of the Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. At the same time, we invite the representatives of several cyber security brands with overseas market development experience to share their experience in overseas marketing and insights on international market trends. They will also discuss different marketing strategies adopted by different enterprises and share tips on overcoming language barriers and culture gaps to create effective marketing strategies and increase development opportunities in overseas markets. The forum aims to help more Taiwan cyber security brands find their footing in international markets and create more win-win situations.

* The organizer reserves the right to change the agenda. The actual agenda is based on announcements released on the day of the conference.

Cross-interaction Between Various Parties

Under the vision of "establishing a safe and trustworthy digital nation", we would like to showcase the achievements of the Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in the area of information security. Through an educational tour specially designed by the Industrial Technology Research Institute and Institute for Information Industry, we will learn about Smart Healthcare, Smart Manufacturing and Intelligent Industrial control system.

Information Security Assessments for Smart Healthcare

The Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs promotes domestic cybersecurity research to enhance the security of local industrial systems. The bureau also advocates for a third impartial unit such as Security Platform as a Service(SecPaas) and focuses on Smart Healthcare, one of Taiwan's rapidly-growing niche industries. The supply and demand sides of cybersecurity have performed joint security assessments. In 2019, the first cybersecurity team performed a medical Internet of Things(IOT) penetration test to assist the hospital in developing a solid information security SOP process. This catalyzed the successful introduction of cybersecurity into the medical IOT field in central Taiwan. This was led by three major industry pioneers, CyCarrier, Doppler and ArcRan, who have conducted penetration tests on 6,000 users in addition to drafting an information security proposal for IOT devices.

Information Security Assessments for Smart Manufacturing

The Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs pushes for domestic investment in the cybersecurity industry to enhance the power of industrial cyber security. The bureau also advocates for a third impartial unit such as Security Platform as a Service(SecPaas) and focuses on Smart Manufacturing, one of Taiwan's rapidly growing niche industries. The supply and demand sides of cybersecurity have performed joint security assessments. Their trial assessments included the Taichung Artificial Intelligence Center where the team introduced security measures into the production process to enhance the safety of semiconductor chip design technology while improving sales. Moreover, the team participated in the SEMI cybersecurity task force to promote security guidelines for the semiconductor industry.

Intelligent Industrial Control System

With the recent spate of global cybersecurity breaches and the increase in cyber-based threats to our critical infrastructure, we greatly anticipate the implementation of national safety guidelines and regulations. That way, the relevant units and IP cam equipment manufacturers can improve the design of products in accordance with these security guidelines and regulations. The third impartial testing organizations will verify that the products meet industry security requirements. We hope these guidelines will help to prevent digital catastrophes caused by damage to network infrastructure and allow our products to be promoted on the international market.